Locals know the story.  All of the lawyers in the Historic Illinois State Bank Building were forced to relocate when an absentee landlord decided to cease upkeep of our building.  With the help of wonderful friends, I moved almost 50 years of my life to a new location.

When one door closes another one opens and I have the beginnings of wonderful new facility in the Beautiful Maine Center.  The excellent construction took longer than we hoped.  Some of that was due to the flooding in our area/  We are finally operational but we are not physically organized and haven't removed all the construction dust.  Give us another month and I'll give you the tour.

Our new location is built to do one thing:  Serve clients efficiently and comfortably.  We upgraded in every way from electronics to decor.  We can WORK again.  Those who know me know that WORK makes me happy.  But I'll be happier when all the furniture is where it's supposed to be.

We are ready to serve you.  We're just not ready to give you the tour yet.

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